Ms Eeva Putro, an actress born in Finland, completed her MA in film and theatre acting at St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatre in 2008. She has performed in numerous movie and theater productions. Ms Putro has worked as an actress in several productions at the Finnish National Theatre.

Her most recent movie roles have been in the following productions: “Tuntematon sotilas”, “Onnenonkija”, “Hiljaisuus”, “Ainoat oikeat”, “Punainen kolmio (TV series), “Ei kiitos” and “Duschen” by Stefan Constantinescu in Sweden. She starred the short movie Sirocco that won the Grand Prix at the Odense Short Movie Festival.

Eeva Putro can perform acting roles in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.

In addition to acting roles Ms Putro has scripted and directed short movies such as  “Buying a dildo” and “Women in love” – screened at Finnish and international short movie festivals including, for example, Tampere Film Festival.

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